sealed classes in c#

if we create classes we can inherit the properties of that created class in any class without having any restrictions. In some situation we will get requirement like we don’t want to give permission for the users to derive the classes from it or don’t allow users to inherit the properties from particular class in that situations what we can do? 

For that purpose we have keyword called “Sealed” in OOPS. When we defined class with keyword “Sealed” then we don’t have a chance to derive that particular class and we don’t have permission to inherit the properties from that particular class.


sealed class Test


public int Number;

public string Name;


if we create a static class, it becomes automatically sealed. This means that you cannot derive a class from a static class. So, the sealed and the static class have in common that both are sealed. The difference is that you can declared a variable of a sealed class to access its members but you use the name of a static class to access its members.



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