What are the acid properties in sql server?


It is one unit of work and does not dependent on previous and following transactions. This transaction is either fully completed or not begun at all. Any updates in the system during transaction will complete entirely. If any reason an error occurs and the transaction is unable to complete all of its steps, then the system will returned to the state where transaction was started


Data is either committed or roll back, not “in-between” case where something has been updated and something hasn’t and it will never leave your database till transaction finished. If the transaction completes successfully, then all changes to the system will have been properly made, and the system will be in a valid state. If any error occurs in a transaction, then any changes already made will be automatically rolled back. This will return the system to its state before the transaction was started. Since the system was in a consistent state when the transaction was started, it will once again be in a consistent state.


No transaction sees the intermediate results of the current transaction. We have two transactions both are performing the same function and running at the same time, the isolation will ensure that each transaction separate from other until both are finished.


Once transaction completed whatever the changes made to the system will be permanent even if the system crashes right after

Whenever transaction will start each will obey all the acid properties.


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